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AIX java heap

1. A good pointer for troubleshooting IBM JVM problem tuning gc: 2. verbosegc can be turned on for IBM JVM to dump GC related info in native error log of WAS. A Perl script can be writtent … Continue reading

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art of UNIX KISS   

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incoming call monitor in CTI (CRM)

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Writing CGI in Java via JNI and Invocation API I wrote in Nov. 1997 before the Java servlet API. It ‘s based on the native OS process instead of Java thread. No plugin needed for the web server since it speaks CGI. The idea starts from when I’m playing with … Continue reading

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some typical WAS HA architecture

For a typical WAS HA architecture, it’s sth like the following: WTE(Caching Proxy)<—->ND (Network Dispatcher)<–>multiple IHS <—> WAS cluster (vertically cloned WAS) <–> DB2/MQ Each one occupies a physical machine. Pretty expensive cost, multiple points of failure if not set … Continue reading

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a simple but userful multithreaded TCP server in Python

I wrote this piece of code for binding a TCP port and listen for any incoming request and dump them on the stdout.   Two usages has been proved useful so far: 1. to simulate a "server not responsing", TCP connect established … Continue reading

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