diff solved it

I was given a small task to compare the DB2 configuration (dbm,db cfg) on a AIX box to our DB2 tuning guide (as described in the doc).

My initial thought is by knowing this will be a repetitive task, I will write some Perl code to read in the text output in a file generated from DB2 CLP cmd such as "db2 get dbm cfg" and "db2 get db cfg for dbName", then parse tuning rules converted from the tuning document in another text file.  That should be at most 2 hrs’s job. However on the way to lunch, I suddenly thought about UNIX tools being very textual and I know another AIX box has the right DB2 setting, it will a lot easier for me just to diff the outputs btw two DB2.

o well it turns out it works pretty well. diff’s text output made comparison a time saver solution for the task.


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