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Signal handling in Java vs. Python

I want a java program running in IBM JVM on AIX to ignore SIGINT and SIGTERM. After lots of googling, I found I can use undocumented sun classes to do it in pure Java. On Sun JVM, it said "java -Xrs Main" will work too … Continue reading

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message in fixed length vs. XML

    I am working on parsing fixed length message encoding in ISO-8859-1 and XML in UTF-8 message with the same content.  One advantage that fixed length over XML is easier to extract a certain substring based on position. It is a … Continue reading

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DB2 index design articles

    Here are a collections of article I found useful talking about DB2 index design.   To make the best of it, you need to think like the DB2 optimizer. grin:-).  

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Unicode for Programmer

    Lately I need to read/write Java string (UTF-16) from/to file/MQ. Here is an excellent resource I found from Jason Orendorf.   It also features how to do it in Python and in Windows .Net.    

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Apache configured as reverse proxy

There has been frequent needs for a reverse proxy server. a nice doc here: Apache 1.3 here: Apache 2.0 The #1 difference btw forward and reverse proxy is forward proxy doesn’t change the destionation server while the reverse … Continue reading

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