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EBP ESP in x86

  Raymond  draws a clear diagram showing how function call in x86 is done.   note === register ESP: Extened Stack Pointer. push, pop,call, ret uses this register. register EBP: Frame Pointer. It is used to access any … Continue reading

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java & xml spaghetti

  There are so many alternatives when it comes to parse XML in Java.  The popular ones being used are JAXP, Xerces2, SAX–> JDOM (higher level)–> JAXB (even higher level). My personal favoraite for parsing only is dom4j. It supports XPATH … Continue reading

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when JAXB is a bad idea

 JAXB is an interesting parser generator. I used JavaCC 5 yrs ago to generate some Java classes from a grammar defined for some COBOL copybook. It is a similar idea but the grammar is called XML schema now.   Let … Continue reading

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