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ldapsearch usage

For example, In order to find the home directory for a certain user id. ldapsearch -H “ldap://ldapserver/” -D -W -vvv -L -x -b ‘OU=Users,DC=mycomp,DC=com’ -z 0 uid=$1 Home Advertisements

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range(a..z): python generator expression for

In order to generate a..z with generator expression. import string for filter in (‘uid=’+x+’*’ for x in string.lowercase):        print(filter)

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mtr, traceroute and tcptraceroute

Router will decrement TTL value within IP packet. “ping” can be used to simulate how ICMP works in more complex tool such as “mtr”, “traceroute”. Please try increasing ttl-value against any target machine is ICMP is enabled along the route. … Continue reading

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Mythical 5% programmer

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Generator Expression and List Comprehension

Generator Generator Expression and List Comprehension

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winpcap ‘s dlls

There are two dlls with winpcap installation. wpcap.dll implements the libpcap API (plus some extensions) for Win32 systems. packet.dll, and the drivers for various Win32 operating systems, provide a Win32-specific raw link-layer packet

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