mtr, traceroute and tcptraceroute

Router will decrement TTL value within IP packet.
“ping” can be used to simulate how ICMP works in more complex tool such as “mtr”, “traceroute”.
Please try increasing ttl-value against any target machine is ICMP is enabled along the route.
  • on unix/linux: ping -t <number> target-ip
  • on windows: ping -i target-ip

mtr: ICMP by default

mtr -u: use UDP

mtr -n : display numeric IP

mtr -r: report

(UDP) traceroute 
(TCP ) tcptraceroute 443 

ping test with incremental TTL

We can conduct an incremental testing with one ICMP packet each time:

ping -t 1  -c 1
ping -t 2  -c 1;
For the curious, can look up to take a guess what the remote system might be.
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