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CentOS search files installed in a package

To get the package name: yum list installed | grep cron To list the files within a package: repoquery -lq cronie.x86_64 To install repoquery: yum install yum-utils yum repolist: list all repos

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XML processing xmllint and xmlstarlet select with XPath expression: e.g looking for some “bad” data. looking for nodes that with File but no filename node. xmlstarlet sel -t -c “//File[not(FileName)]” foo.xml  

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service wowza media server on ubuntu

sudo update-rc.d WowzaMediaServer defaults

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sample from wowza media server use Server: rtmp://, ┬ávideochat application is installed on the Wowza server side. If you use the same stream name, you can see a delayed cam of yourself. If you use different stream name, you can publish one stream while … Continue reading

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