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Apache configured as reverse proxy

There has been frequent needs for a reverse proxy server. a nice doc here: Apache 1.3 here: Apache 2.0 The #1 difference btw forward and reverse proxy is forward proxy doesn’t change the destionation server while the reverse … Continue reading

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ProxyCfg WinHTTP and WinInet IE

Thanks for Ari to clarify on what exactly this tool will set programmtically. Proxy and WinHttp "Actually, this tool only sets the proxy settings for winhttp which is a different client http stack then WinInet (the one used by … Continue reading

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stunnel adding SSL to Apache

To troubeshoot some WAS edge invaliation problem, I’ve tried used stunnel proxying for apache server  on both Linux and Windows. stunnel.conf for STUNNEL 4.x ========== foreground=yes (for debug) debug=6 (debug =7 for max). [mytest] accept=443 connect=80 steps: stunnel stunnel.conf (stunnel binds … Continue reading

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a simple but userful multithreaded TCP server in Python

I wrote this piece of code for binding a TCP port and listen for any incoming request and dump them on the stdout.   Two usages has been proved useful so far: 1. to simulate a "server not responsing", TCP connect established … Continue reading

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