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upstart vs System V init

  Most valuable reference upstart cookbook How to disable a service example: How to check running service (System-V style) initctl list, bum (GUI) (System-V style) chkconfig –list (System-V style) service –status-all (? is upstart job) Advertisements

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mount windows share from Ubuntu

gvfs-fuse sudo apt-get install gvfs-fuse dpkg -L gvfs-fuse gvfs-mount -l gvfs-mount smb://victor.yang@, then it will prompt for DOMAIN and password. to umount: gvfs-mount -u smb://victor.yang@ smbfs sudoapt-get installsmbfs smbclient //$ -U id -Wdomain sudo mount -t cifs //remote_windows/share $ $HOME/windows -o user=uid,dom=office

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connect to MS SQL server and Sybase from linux freetds sqsh freebcp

sudo apt-get install freetds-dev sqsh freetds-bin  cat /etc/freetds/freetds.conf  [tds1] host = port = 1433 tds version = 7.0  sqsh -S tds1 -U id -P password -i foo.sql -o foo.out freebcp (from freetds-bin package) freebcp mydb.dbo.table out table.csv -U id … Continue reading

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browser shortcut with nginx and DNS

OS: Ubuntu DNS /etc/hosts foo Nginx in sites-enabled/default if ( $host = wiki ) { rewrite ^; }

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Enable SQL server 2012 for TCP

Enable SQL server 2012 for TCP port 1433

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nmcli Network-Manager nmtool

nm-tool to display network-manager status nmcli con down id VPN_CONN_NAME nmcli con up id VPN_CONN_NAME nmcli con automation with nmcli To automatically connect “nmcli con up id VPN_CONN_NAME” in .profile (upon login) NetworkManager Restart network-manager: sudo service network-manager restart

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installation sudo apt-get install libevent-dev pip install gevent

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